Product number: 10308SH-1130151  
Serial Number 1130151  
Color: black  
Condition: B/A
Format: 35mm  
Guarantee: 12 months
Item Category: Used  
Manufacture Year: 1965  
Special: Leica Blackpaint  
Technique: analog  
Product information "Leica M2 Black Paint Outfit"
Original black paint M2 in very good condition, with a slight patina. Only very light dent near the rewind dial, otherwise in perfect working order with matching version 2 black paint rigid Summicron 2/50mm no.1954792 with very good optics (1962). A reference number '441120-5430' has been hand-engraved on the bottom plate and on the lens barrel. The camera was delivered to Brandt, Sweden, on 26.10.1965, the lens to the same location on 30.11.1964.
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