LEICA M9 painted steel gray

LEICA M9 painted steel gray

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Codice prodotto: 10705SH-3906388  
Numero di serie 3906388  
Anno di produzione: 2010  
Colore: steel-grey paint  
Condizioni: A/B
Formato: 35mm  
Garanzia: 12 mesi
Tecnica: digital  
categoria dell'articolo: usata  
Info sui prodotti "LEICA M9 painted steel gray"
LEICA M9 painted steel gray, built in 2010 with the original charger and a battery with only approx. 917 releases in technically and optically very good condition and the final sensor has been replaced The Leica M9 is the first digital full-format rangefinder and... a legend. The compact, digital Leica M has an 18 MP CCD sensor that is known for its almost “analog look” with neutral, bright colors. As long as you shoot in the lower ISO range and can live with the simple, slow display, you will still be rewarded with incomparable photos today. When purchasing this icon, it is important that the camera has a final CCD sensor that was replaced after the beginning of 2017, as sensors manufactured and replaced earlier were susceptible to sensor corrosion.
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