Leica MP Hermès Edition Set 367/500 10307

Leica MP Hermès Edition Set 367/500 10307

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Produktnummer: 10307SH-2921689  
Seriennummer 2921689  
Baujahr: 2003  
Farbe: chrom  
Format: Kleinbild  
Garantie: 12 Monate
Produktkategorie: Gebraucht  
Spezial: Seltene Sammlerstücke  
Technik: Analog  
Zustand: A-
Produktinformationen "Leica MP Hermès Edition Set 367/500 10307"
Arguably one of the most impressive MP special editions, the MP Edition Hermès. With signature leather finish making this an unmistakably classic design from the company. Includes all original packaging with the matching Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH, note the unique chrome metal focus tab, and vented hood to pay homage to the 12504. Papers and pouches are also present. The camera is immaculate, only very few marks to the leather, which is expected. Fully functional with perfect operation
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