Service for current Leica

Occasionally, even a Leica product needs a bit of servicing.

That is why we offer you a high-quality service in our Leica Stores by our specialists, who are continuously trained by Leica. They take care of your Leica product and offer you a range of exclusive services such as sensor cleaning using clean room technology*), an optional official Leica Service Certificate for cameras and lenses as well as high-quality individual leather coverings.

The service scope of the respective Leica stores can be found in our customer care area at:

Service for vintage Leica

For almost 30 years, all types of repairs, maintenance and cleaning of vintage LEICA cameras have been carried out in our service department to the satisfaction of our customers.

With extensive experience and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Leica customer care centre in Vienna is also your reliable partner in analogue camera technology.

With a unique stock of countless original LEICA spare parts we can thus restore and start up your LEICA to meet the highest requirements of collectors.

The Leica customer care centre in Vienna also offers a special lens adjustment service for the adjustment of your vintage lenses; this service even cover the high demands of today's digital photography.

If you would like your Classic product to be repaired or serviced, please contact a Leica Store or Leica dealer near you or contact Leica directly.

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