Kodak f. Ektra 90/3,5 Television Ektanon

Kodak f. Ektra 90/3,5 Television Ektanon

720,00 €

Codice prodotto: 30192,4  
Anno di produzione: c.1946  
Condizioni: B+
Formato: 35mm  
Tecnica: analog  
Info sui prodotti "Kodak f. Ektra 90/3,5 Television Ektanon"

very rare lens with Ektra mount, without serial number, Kodak adapted and provided their range of high-quality Ektar photographic lenses for use in post-war RCA 3"-inch I.O. TV cameras (TK10A etc.). These now quite rare lenses, were specially fitted with turret screw mounts, and were fully colour-corrected (for infrared). The barrel is hand-engraved 'CBS TV CITY', in good condition with cap

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