Codice prodotto: 11870SH-1730049  
Numero di serie 1730049  
Anno di produzione: 1961  
Condizioni: B/A
Garanzia: 12 mesi
categoria dell'articolo: usata  
Info sui prodotti "Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 M3 Steel Rim 11870"
Rare and beautiful version of the M3 style "Steel Rim" Summilux. Serial number records show this to be a very early example, possibly the 48th Summilux ever made! The barrel is in perfect condition with hardly a sign of use. Only the goggles are displayed obvious signs of use, however still in perfect working order. Optics in great condition with only the smallest internal dust with some cleaning marks on the rear element. Neither of which effect image performance. Includes rear cap only 
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