Embrace the world of photography through the lens of experience with our exceptional pre-owned cameras. These carefully selected gems offer not just exceptional value but the opportunity to explore your passion with seasoned precision. Discover our collection of pre-owned cameras today.
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Leica Store Dubai
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Leica Store Dubai
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Leica Store Dubai
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In a region known for its desert oasis, Leica Store Dubai comes as the oasis of photography being the only flagship store in the Middle East. Located in the world’s largest mall, the Leica store Dubai dominates the entrance to the new extension with its captivating façade depicting the famous 0.95 Noctilux Lens.
Photography experts and novice amateurs alike can come up close and personal with all the Leica systems, Lenses and Sports optics range. With cameras out on display for everyone to try and with the help of the friendly team of experts the store brings customers closer to the world of Leica and shows that there is a Leica for everyone.

The store also extends to house a gallery where the most prominent Leica photographers in the world have their works on display. Special Training sessions for all Leica customers is also conducted under the supervision of our certified training experts.
Leica Store

GF317, The Dubai Mall Downtown,
Fashion Avenue, Ground Floor
United Arab Emirates

Tel.: +971 4 3300 808

10.00am – 11.00pm
10.00am – 12.00am

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