Hormonograph Slides

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boxed set of 23 half plate (4.5x5.5") slides with very fine Harmonograph curves. The patterns are scribed on glass plates coated with a layer of soot. In order to protect the vulnerable surface each slide is covered with a cover slip and bordered with a linen strip. Due their ephemeral quality, all the slides show a certain degree of disintegration. Some are completely faded, at least 4 slides show clear Harmonograph patterns. Embossed makers label on the inner side of the wooden lid: 'Manufactured by Samuel Peck & Co'. Samuel H. Peck of New Haven, Connecticut, produced Daguerreian images, cases, and wet-plate cameras between 1850-1860. In the mid 1900’s the Harmonograph was a very popular philosophical toy which was used to demonstrate the correspondence between mathematical curves and musical harmony, the technique to record motion on a turning soot coated glass cylinder was also common between 1850 and 1900 mostly in the field of Physiology - for example Etienne-Jules Marey used it for his work on animal movement. The purpose and the origin of the offered slides is not completely clear, but it seems that they were produced for scientific demonstration rather than for amusement.

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